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Aldimashqi: Syrian restaurant in Neukölln, Berlin

Aldimashqi is a traditional Syrian restaurant in Neukölln, Berlin, where their signature dish is Shawarma. 


It is managed by Yamm Molhem, a chef from Damascus who started his cooking career at the short age of fifteen and whose favorite food is Shawarma: a meat dish from the Arabic cuisine that is now eaten in Europe and many other parts of the world. In Aldimashqi, chicken meat is used for it and it is served in sandwiches or plates together with sauce, french fries and vegetables. 


Aldimashqi offers the possibility to enjoy their food at any time of the day with a very traditional and extensive menu that includes dishes such as fried eggs, fatta and foul are offered. On the grill is to find meat and kibbeh, a traditional dish from the Levantine cuisine made of bulgur, minced onion and finely ground meat with different spices and many other traditional dishes are to try.


In addition to the delicious food, the atmosphere at Aldimashqi immerges its guest into a traditional Syrian dining experience.

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