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Farm visit with die Gemeinschaft:  Bauernhof Erz and Bioland-Hof Zieke

Die Gemeinschaft is a community of artisanal food producers and restaurant owners with the goal of bringing awareness and responsibility to their guests’ plates. 


It was founded in 2017 by two Berliner restaurants, Nobelhart und Schmutzig and Hórvarth with the aim of creating a community that celebrates real food and gives value to the craftspeople that bring food to their tables. This community is formed by people that are part of the food value chain in different steps and believe that closer cooperation and personal relationships will improve the food system. 


Different activities to encourage people to come closer to their food are organized by Die Gemeinschaft, such as farm visits around the Brandenburg region, kitchen meetups “Warenrunde“, Stammtisch, the conversation series “Comfort Food“ and a very interesting and insightful annual Symposium. 


The visit took place in two farms, first we went to Bauernhof Erz where Johannes Erz welcomed us and gave us a short talk about the processes they do in the farm. Afterwards we went for a walk around the place, we got to see fresh lentils, chickens, potatoes, pumpkins and some overgrown zucchinis, which he explained to us that won’t be bought from the markets because of their size, so they will only be used as compost for the next batch. We were able to take one home for cooking, needless to say it was delicious!


The next stop was the Bioland-Hof Zieke, the visit started in their greenhouse where tomatoes, eggplants, cucumber and other vegetables are grown. Afterwards we walked through the fields that were full with beautiful kale, clovers, pear trees, beetroots, among other fresh veggies. 


A shop was opened for visitors where the food from the fields was offered, I bought some veggies for the week and the taste was really incredible!

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