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Foodoo by Chef Nu Bites

UY Studio pop-up dinners come from a personal tradition practiced by its founders, where they used to host Sunday brunches back in Tel Aviv. 


UY Studio is a Berlin based fashion label and art collective that outlines the mix of the Middle East and Scandinavian culture. Collections are not labeled according to season, time or gender, these are some of the characteristics that make this brand so special. 


On its third pop-up dinner episode, Foodo, Chef Nu Bites delighted the guests with a four-course fine dining menu based on vegan gourmet Asian fusion cuisine. 


The first course was a dish called Dark Matter, composed of miso aubergines, beluga lentils, black garlic and a triple dip plate made out of black and green olives paste and a white tahin cream served together with bread. 


The second course was Kali’s tongue, a vegan burger with black beans and black quinoa spiked pattie, mago peanut sauce, roasted pepper, coconut bacon, coriander and thai basil. 

As the third course from Foodo comes the Enso risotto made with venere rice, hatcho miso, marinated soy stripes, portobello, cherry tomatoes, black tahini and lime sounds. 


The fourth, and last course was Black moon, a dessert made out of tonka plum coconut cream, activated carbon coco ball, dark chocolate and black berry, topped with edible gold.


The innovative and delicious dishes cooked by Chef Nu Bites together with the beautiful dinner setting designed by Idan, one of UY Studio’s founders, created a unique dining experience for their guests.

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