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Grilling through rivers in Brandenburg

Cruising on the Brandenburger rivers for a weekend for a short family getaway is a great opportunity to discover beautiful places and share a good time.


There was a small kitchen and a terrace with a grill on board and cooking + eating was always an activity everyone took part of, which made it very fun and enjoyable. Everyone had their own task, it could be cutting veggies, grilling or cleaning.


For breakfast there were pancakes one day and another one and eggs with chilorio, a traditional Mexican pork dish, that is usually mixed with scramble eggs for breakfast and for lunch it would be fried in a pan and eaten together with tortillas, I personally really like chilorio burritos.


Every day for lunch there were veggies on the grill and salad on a bowl, by the side garlic bread and sometimes vegan + meat sausages. For dessert, grilled peaches with cinnamon and feta cheese were served. That is a very simple grilling recipe I learned from two dear friends back in the days during my exchange year in Lisbon.  


Cooking and eating together was definitely a highlight of every day.

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