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Grilling in Potsdam

Grilling in the summer with friends is a tradition all around the world to enjoy a sunny day, cook together and share food.


One of the many things I really like about Berlin is how green the city is and how close it is to nature. It is possible to find forest-looking parks in the middle of the city, which make it possible to take a breath and forget about city-life. Just about an hour away from the center and easily reachable by train, there is a magical place called Potsdam it is a fairy-tale look destination with a beautiful castle surrounded by a park


A dear friend moved back to his home country and organized a farewell party that we would remember for the rest of our lives. All the people that made his stay in Germany special were sent to a secret location, no further information was given, but that an unforgettable weekend was awaiting.


For this weekend getaway the guests brought food and drinks, at different points of the weekend people turned on the grill and started cooking. When the food was ready, it was cut in small pieces and everyone that was hungry would just come by, grab a piece and share a good moment together, additionally some food would be served in an extra plate and to go and offer it to the other guests that were in the house.

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