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Nobelhart und Schmutzig

Nobelhart und Schmutzig is a very special restaurant for me; in October 2015, when I arrived in Berlin after completing my gastronomy degree, in love with food and fascinated by their concept. Billy and Micha opened their doors to me as part of their team. Five years later we are still cooperating and I am very much thankful for all their support through my career. 


It is a ‘vocally local’ restaurant, this means every single product they use comes from handpicked suppliers around the region of Berlin and Brandenburg, who produce their goods in sustainable ways and bring nothing else, but the best quality. Their menu is seasonal; this prevents the environment from being harmed and brings the best taste out of food since it grows naturally according to its own cycle.


Dining at Nobelhart & Schmutzig is an experience, more than just culinary aesthetics and extraordinary food, their philosophy is brought to the table with a strong political impact by promoting environmental and economic sustainability for the people working with the bountiful nature in and around Berlin. With a no camera policy they encourage their guests to focus solely on a taste of the region.


The restaurant is located on the well known Friedrichstraße, but has a very different facade compared to other restaurants. A small sign with its name between a glass window and white curtains that disconnect the outside world with the experience that is waiting for the guests inside.

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